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100+ Dog Of A Japanese Breed 5 Letter Word A-Z

Besides cats, dogs are one of the most popular pets. Touted as the most loyal animal, many people want to have this cute pet. Dogs are lively, intelligent, and adorable pets. Pets like this always manage to bring happiness to their owners.

Right now, do you need a good name for your new dog? Giving names to pets can be a form of your love and responsibility to them.

sometimes you feel confused in finding a good dog name. Naming your dog can be tricky.

Many considerations must be given before giving a name to a dog. For those of you who are confused about what is the best name to embed, you don't need to worry.

There are various dog names that can be your inspiration. You can also choose the right name for your beloved dog.

Here is a collection Dog Of A Japanese Breed 5 Letter Word.

Dog Of A Japanese Breed 5 Letter Word A-Z 

Akiko – a child like autumn, someone who is brilliant
Akina – flower in spring
Akira – bright and clear dawn
Amaya – beautiful rain at night
Amida – friends
Arisu – fair
Asuka – the fragrance of tomorrow
Ayaka – colorful flowers
Ayako – educated child
Ayano – colorful woven fabric
Ayumi – someone who walks alone
Azumi – safe house

Chibi – little boy
Chiharu – clear sky
Chikao – smart and wise

Chiko - promise
Chiasa – a thousand mornings
Chieko – a thousand wanted children
Chiharu – clear sky
Chika – close, filled with blessings and knowledge
Chikako – wise boy

Chinami – a thousand waves
Chiyo – a thousand generations
Cho – butterfly
Chuya – something as clear as water

Daichi – the great first child, from the earth
Daiki – Filled with radiance
Danno – put together, gathered

Eichi – wise
Enmei – bright circle
Emica – charming, beautiful, asking

Emiko – smiling child

Emiyo – beautiful beautiful generation
Erity – she's the special one

Genki – excited
Giichi – fair

Hachi - bee
Haruo – boy in spring
Hideo - excel
Hisao – life story
Hoshi - star
Hanan – the flower boy

Itsuki – wooden tree

Jomei – a name that always brings happiness
Junko – obedient, pure child

Kairi – sea village
Kaito - ocean
Kaiyo – forgiveness
Kano – water from God
Kaoru – fragrant
Kouki – light
Kaede – maple tree leaf
Kaiya - forgiveness
Keiko – who is adored
Kichi –

Manzo – third son
Mareo – the one and only
Masao – holy man
Michi – the righteous, virtuous, just path
Machi – ten thousand

Naoki – full of truth
Nikko – the shining sun
Naoko – the tree of honesty
Nyoko – treasure

Osamu – rule maker
Okimi – the light that shines brightly

Raeden – god of thunder
Renzo – the third son in the family
Reiji – polite, well-behaved child
Reiki – a healing spirit
Reiko – grateful child
Ringo – good luck flirting
Ryota – refreshing, something good
Ryuji – dragon
Ryoko – son of Ryo

Seiichi – first son
Shiro – fourth boy
Shoma – wishing for the truth
Souji – giver of directions
Souma – moonlight
Sachio – kid watching
Sakae – prosperity
Shika – deer
Shizu – calm down

Taichi - big
Taigen –
Takai – the next world
Takeo – a warrior, who fights for his kingdom
Tozen – he has the right
Tsuna –

Usagi – moon
Utano – the expanse of song fields
Washi – eagle

Yasuo – he who is peaceful
Yoichi – masculine first boy
Yukio – he who will get his wish, who will be nourished by God
Yoshi – good, good

Zinan – second son

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