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18 Super Romantic Illustration By Korean Artist Puuung


Korean Artist Puuung Puuung is an outstanding South Korean artist and painter. The ongoing series "Love is... "It has captivated visitors with touching illustrations of young couples. For Puuung it's not about big movements, it's simple things we do every day. He explained:

"Love is something that everybody can relate to. And 'Love' comes in ways that we can easily overlook in our daily lives. So, I try to find the meaning of love in our daily lives and make it into artworks."

Puung has drawn more than 110 works of art for "Love is..." and you can see all his work in Grafolio. You can also see some of his work below.

18 Super Romantic Illustration By Korean Artist Puuung 

1) Love cares about each other

perhatian penuh kasih

2) True love is enjoyed when a date as captivating as Christmas arrives

perayaan Natal

3) Love is having someone to listen to your problems

4) Love consists of small daily movements

5) Love is enjoying unforgettable moments together.

Momen tak terlupakan

6) Love is laughing sincerely with the person you love

tertawa bersama cinta

7) Love surprises your loved ones with hugs


8) Love goes to the library together

pergi ke perpustakaan

9) Love gently wakes your partner from a nap

bangun tidur siang

10) Love serves a cup of coffee to your partner

sajikan kopi

11) Love is cooking for the person you love

Memasak untuk pasangan

12) Love wraps around your partner

selipkan sepasang

13) Love to think of your partner when you're alone


14) Love remembers precious moments together

lihat foto bersama

15) Love is having someone to comfort you


16) Love surprises you with a kiss

ciuman kejutan

17) Love plays together

bermain bersama

18) Love surprises your partner


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