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List 5 Korean Actress Convert To Islam 2022

Korean Actress Convert To Islam - South Korea has about 20 religions and sects. Only 31 percent of its citizens embraced belief or religion.

Of these, most protestant Christians 20 percent, Buddhists 15 percent, and Catholics 8 percent, and the rest a number of other religions. While 40 percent more choose not to have a religion and only believe in the existence of God.

Even so, it turns out that there are some South Korean artists and actor who embrace Islam. Some of them even live in Indonesia.

Who are they? Check out the full review below.

List 5 Korean Actress Convert To Islam 

1. Ayana Moon

The name Ayana Moon is now widely known in some Muslim-majority countries, such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

Ayana became a public conversation after she decided to convert in 2012.

She even decided to wear hijab until now.

Nine years into Islam, Ayana is now busy.

One of them wrote a book about his journey to convert, as well as witnessing his younger brother, Aydin Seong Wook Moon, who also followed in his footsteps to convert not long ago.

2.  Lee Ki Woo

Lee Ki Woo is a follower of Islam.

The actor who once played Choi Kang Hyuk in the drama 'Flower Boy Ramyun Shop' is a convert.

News of him converting to Islam was also widely discussed by the Korean media.

In response to the news, Lee Ki Woo also firmly confirmed that he had converted to Islam.

The actor who joined Family Entertainment has also starred in other hit dramas such as The Classic, Tale of Cinema, Wedding Dress, and many more.

3. Manny Varsity

In 2017, K-Pop was splashed because it was the first time there was an idol who debuted with Islam.

Manny debuted on January 3, 2017 with boy group VARSITY.

Of the 12 members, Manny is most in the spotlight because he is a Muslim.

Debuting as an idol does not mean he is new to the entertainment world, he has long struggled in the entertainment industry as an actor since he was a child.

4. Daud Kim

Daun Kim, who is a YouTuber, has been widely discussed after converting to Islam.

He had gone viral because of his video content about why Koreans need Islam.

The video was even uploaded by Ustadz Abdullah Gymnastiar or Aa Gym on his Instagram.

In the video he mentions that Koreans really need Islam because the suicide rate in the Ginseng country is very high.

"Why did I suddenly say that Koreans need Islam? I'll explain why. First, it's because of depression," said Daud Kim through a video uploaded by @aagym.

According to him, Korean people are very obsessed with competition, for example in terms of career or education.

Meanwhile, Islam does not only emphasize aspects of living in the world like those two things.

Kim assessed that Islam could save Koreans from a very deep depression.

After converting to Islam, Kim said that according to him, Allah SWT does not judge someone as a loser if he does not succeed in meeting the successful standard of living created by society.

5. Ujung Oppa

Ujung Oppa is a South Korean YouTuber who became a byword for Indonesian society in recent years.

He is increasingly known to Indonesians for appearing on Raditya Dika's YouTube channel "Koreans Convert to Islam".

He recounted in the content if he had previously embraced Buddhism like his parents.

But because he felt very close and in love with Indonesia, Ujung finally chose Islam.

He was even happy when he heard the azan and shalawat.